Even after 20 years of reviewing, I am unexpectedly blown away when confronted by someone of Shoop-Wu's talent when she emerges, seemingly from out of nowhere…

Throughout the entire recording, Nancy Shoop-Wu’s violin playing imbues her melodies with such a genuine gentility and warmth that it's hard to believe Rainbow Road is only her second album. Such self-assuredness, allowing her compositions to unfurl so gracefully, and encouraging her guest stars to take equal stature with her, are the signs of a mature and accomplished artist. All of these factors bespeak a bright future for this talented instrumentalist.


Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

July 2017

What a wonderful thing it is when a classical trained musician crosses over into contemporary music. They seem to have that solid foundation to turn any song into a sound of perfection. Such is the case of Nancy Shoop-Wu from Hawaii… Using her vast experience as a violinist for a number of major orchestras, she channeled her love of Hawaii and her song writing skills to produce Rainbow Road. The album is twelve tracks of contemporary music featuring light ensemble and her fantastic lead violin… There is a purity and richness to her sound. Her violin sings with a passionate voice, reflecting her love and respect for the Rainbow State…

Violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu has done a brilliant job of using the voice of her instrument to sing of the beauty that is found in Hawaii. Her compositions are strong, her instrumentation is solid and her emotion is genuine.


RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

May 2017

Conveying a warmly heart-centric vibe, Nancy gently serenades her listeners throughout with her soothing yet passionate violin melodies, as she plays with an ease of grace and authenticity of spirit… A delightfully positive, peaceful listening experience overall, Rainbow Road unfolds like a welcome invitation to embark along a pathway illuminated by dreams, hopes and promises!


Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes

March 10, 2017


…this veritable gem is Rainbow Road by Nancy Shoop- Wu. It’s a release that is beautifully produced, it’s an album that glows with a vast array of musical colour and the performances within this collection of melodic tunes are simply sublime... She has manifested something very special and very unique… it is an absolute winner in my eyes, so with that being said, I have no qualms of recommending this very classy new release to you, this is one album you really won’t want to miss out on.


Steve Sheppard, One World Music

March 2017 

Nancy takes her violin and turns it into a magic wand with a combination of new age and classical instrumental tracks... On Rainbow Road Nancy creates a masterstroke of violin music accompanied by some well-placed piano parts and other instruments. The other instruments are the desserts after the full course meal. Her playing is graceful and moving as it could possibly be for a violin taking the lead on a song.

Every track is like a rainbow of colors and as picturesque as the island she lives on. This is “make you feel good all over music.” Although this is primarily an instrumental recording Nancy exercises her voice on “Carry Me Home.” I must say that her vocals are as gorgeous as her violin playing. The title of the song and the words are a strong statement from a voice that cannot be ignored and the same can be said for the music itself.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

March 29, 2017

With soaring, stellar chops powering her every move, Shoop-Wu enchants and delights anyone who has had it with the noise of every day life. Warm and captivating, this is real music for real listeners.  


Midwest Record

February 4, 2017